Under duress, we do not rise to our expectations; we fall to our level of training
– Bruce Lee

authentic relating
intentional Relationship Journey

Full day workshop for Intentional Partnership

6 Dates in 2019 around the World
2020 - pending due to covid-19

This full day training is an invitation to deepen the richness of your relationship and design a co-creative roadmap to live the adventure together in every moment.

The Adventure of relationship
Authentic relating retreat

Full Weekend Couples Retreat

Fall 2020

A weekend retreat to help brave souls who are in intimate relationship to navigate that adventure with more awareness and choice.

Intro to Authentic Relating

3 Hour Workshop 

This Intro workshop gives participants a hands-on taste of both the joy and skills of genuine interpersonal connection. It provides a lower-stakes venue to feel the power of being vulnerable in community with the aim of bringing more authentic connection into our lives everyday.

AR games night

2-3 hours of Interpersonal Games

Seattle WA (Online via zoom)

An evening of connection in community.

To see the world full of wonder and EXCITEMENT, the way a child sees it, is to remember who we truly are. Let’s explore what it’s like to shift our perspective from the status quo of social conventions to the place of endless possibilities where we creatively engage with each other through PLAY and CURIOSITY.  

Authentic Relating is a movement and a way of being that goes much deeper than just ‘being yourself.’ It’s about cutting through a lifetime of conditioning and expectations of the social order to a new level of awareness of Self and relationships. This social technology wakes you up to the deepest parts of you and opens you to a new level of attunement to relational interactions.

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