Offering curated resources here that are aligned with our Vision and Values. We’ll work on making this prettier and more organized, but amidst these COVID times we just want to have these available for our tribe. 


COVID-19 Well-Being Toolkit and Resources 

Center for Healthy Minds – University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Richard Davidson is a pioneer on the intersection of neurobiology and psychology and one of my personal inspirations in devoting energy and resources into cultivating resilience. 

Work From Home Without Losing Your Sh*t: Guide + Download


Practical, entertaining guide about working from home. Reminded me of when I moved to Seattle from Miami over 7 years ago while I was working as a Broker/Underwriter in the Commercial Insurance industry. 

Bitesize stress management for healthcare professionals

COVID Calm Clinics

Online stress management sessions for healthcare professionals during the Corona crisis led by trauma informed professional facilitators. I watched the sample video by Mark Walsh, and I can attest that this is pragmatic and effective. 

The Biology of Kindness: How It Makes Us Happier and Healthier 

Time Magazine

Many are familiar with the vagus nerve by now, so this isn’t cutting edge, but it’s great background for non-medical people to get the lowdown on emotional physiology.   


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