Our True north

To heal and optimize a living system, connect it with more parts of itself.


Honor Self & Other

Be Present & Coherent; Make Conscious Choices; Be Real; Stay Curious; Allow Grace

Cultivate Conscious Relationships

Model & Embrace Vulnerability; Truth over Comfort; Commitment to Connection; Be Grateful; Always Forgive

Build Community / Serve Humanity

Show Up; Reveal; Give Generously; Be the Bridge; Advocate Freedom for All; Raise Awareness of Impact

Live the Adventure / Love the Journey

Explore; Play; Continually Learn & Unlearn; Innovate; Take Risks; Have Fun; Be Grateful

Our Story

Hi, we are Randy & Kasia, a couple of experienced world adventurers. Connection and freedom are our highest values; adventure is our calling, our path, and our core practice.

We met almost 5 years ago and connected immediately around nature and adrenaline. (Our third date was skydiving and a beautiful lakeside picnic.) We were both at a place in our lives where we’d said goodbye to our corporate, “hamster wheel” life and decided to start something new and fresh. It was a real gift that our paths crossed in this perfect timing. We wanted something more than 9-5 jobs, a house in the suburbs, a BMW and vacations to high-end resorts once a year. We were done with the way we were ”supposed to” live, that was told to us by society. We knew that there is something more….. 

And there was! We’ve discovered that the key to fulfillment is connection; connection to Self, to Others and to Nature.

It’s a basic human need that hadn’t been met for a very long time in our lives. 

We were called to spend more and more time in Nature. As we noticed how the joy and peace of mind these outings instilled in us, we wanted to share this with our new social circles. At first those were just fun and fulfilling events that we were organizing in our free time, but soon enough we realized that we are really good at bringing people together and bringing more aliveness into their life; and decided to dedicate ourselves to it.

We incorporated MINDFULNESS and AUTHENTIC RELATING practices to hiking experiences which was very well received. It has been delightful to watch how after a couple of hours with us people start to feel more at ease, peaceful and connected.

This is how Guided by the Heart emerged: to empower people around the world to be creators of their own adventure called life. We are passionate about guiding people to access their deeper potential and purpose in their private and professional lives.

Randy desrocher

By 35 I had built a version of the American Dream full of status and comfort that many envied: 6 figure job, 5 star condo in the sky, and 5 star vacations. Thing is, I was miserable, feeling trapped in that lifestyle and in my 9 year dysfunctional marriage. “I couldn’t be stuck, I worked so hard to get here,” yet it wasn’t the here that I really wanted.

I was an Underwriter, so I delved deep into researching happiness, purpose and fulfillment, and it became clear that I needed to wipe the slate clean and change my life. I took off the golden handcuffs and made the leap! I consciously exited my toxic relationship, and a month later I left my cushy Insurance Broker gig. That Summer of 2015, I traveled the US West Coast, sleeping on couches or outdoors, partying, hiking, and most of all connecting with hundreds of ‘free spirits.’ Taking a break from so much adulting and tapping into sheer joy and playfulness was the medicine I needed at the time.

As a lifelong learner I wasn’t content to dwell in the party stage, I began a deep dive into personal development: rediscovered meditation, explored the arts, practiced qi-gong, attended all types of workshops, and joined discussion groups. I was healing and growing, and most importantly I was saying YES to Life!  

In this process of opening myself to new experiences, I discovered HeartMath and their research on Heart-Brain Synchronization and how to achieve alignment of the 4 key areas of life: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. I was so stoked about this evidence-based model on creating and sustaining the Life Balance I was missing during the previous decade, that I became a Certified HeartMath Coach.

The biggest revelation for me was the introduction to Authentic Relating, a unique way of being to relate with people at the deepest human level – Wow! I immediately enrolled in facilitator training and began leading events to bring people together and share the skills and magic of this new social technology. To witness people get the sparkle in their eye and cry tears of joy from the incredible sense of being seen and heard in these trainings and workshops feeds my soul and fills my heart.

Kasia Desrocher (wieczorek)

After finishing my Masters in Economics in Poland and spending over 10 years working in finance, I suffered a serious accident that threatened my ability to walk again. It shook my world, and the months of recovery helped me to see how unhappy and unfulfilled I was in that lifestyle. I knew I couldn’t continue down that road because it would lead to total burnout; I made a drastic change and followed my gut.

I quit my so-called important job and moved to the United States, which had been calling me for as long as I could remember. The sense of aliveness that I felt when I made that shift was incredible. For the first time in years, I didn’t have life “all figured out” with concrete objectives and long term plans, I just knew in my bones that it was right.
In that space of aliveness and newness I discovered a passion for the mountains and being of service to others. This has led to extensive training in Authentic Relating, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution and coaching methodologies to help others transform their lives. I balance this dedication to learning and supporting others by spending lots of time in Nature, where I am nourished and renewed.


A particular focus that I have been exploring recently is learning to trust my body’s intelligence and how to share that skill set with others. I’ve always been highly sensitive. In the past, I perceived this as a weakness and numbed myself, but learning to tune into this wisdom has been one of the biggest gifts that I’ve given myself on this path of growth and freedom.

What excites me most about living this life of adventure and service is leading people on inner and outer journeys to find more connection in this disconnected world.

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