" Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us." ~Earl Nightingale

Live the Adventure. Love the Journey.

~ This is our motto and our mantra for living from the heart.

How do you Live the Adventure?





Stay Curious

Listen Deeply

Follow your Passion

Give your Gifts

Share your World

Love with all your Heart 

Lean into Discomfort

Continually Learn & Unlearn

Surf the waves of Uncertainty

Dive into your Shadow

Turn towards your Fear

Embrace Complexity

Don’t Sacrifice

Have Fun 

Dance, Sing, Create

Laugh, Cry, Be

Show Up


Expand your experience of being human.

What does it mean to Love the Journey?


Be Grateful 

See the Magic and the Beauty in everyone and everything 

Acceptance – of Self and of the conditions, even when they suck… especially then

It’s about smelling the roses and delighting in the unplanned detours of life

It’s the deep knowing that there are no failures on this path, only lessons to learn. 



Want an Epic Life? Celebrate each moment as it comes.

Unleash the Adventurer within!

Our Coaching practice encompasses 3 focus areas

relationships & intimacy

Live the Adventure of Relationship

Imagine a relationship so fulfilling and authentic that you can show up without pretense or distress and experience the magic and growth that unfolds.

A gentle container to deepen intimacy.

For individuals and couples+ 


HeartMath® Building Personal Resilience™ Coaching

6 Week course scientifically developed to align your mental, physical, and emotional systems to attain optimal balance. 


Guided Personal Development

Individualized Coaching Program

Together we enter a space of deep presence to co-create a roadmap to grow into the best version of yourself. We guide you through the obstacles and celebrate the victories with you.  

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