camino de santiago

Transformational Pilgrimage

MAY 8-17, 2020

This is an invitation to say YES to adventure.

Unplug from the matrix of daily life and sink into deeper connection with Yourself, with Others, and with Nature.

10- day Trekking retreat

Caminho de Santiago- Way of St James

 Portuguese Way: Start in Ponte de Lima, Portugal ; Destination -> Santiago de Compostela, Spain


MAY 8-17, 2020

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

The ‘Camino’ is one of those difficult roads; the beautiful destination isn’t Santiago de Compostela, though it is a breathtaking site and a glorious place emanating love. 

The beautiful destination is the triumphant version of yourself that will set foot in Santiago after an arduous journey. A version of yourself that doesn’t tiptoe. A version of yourself that can weather the storm AND dance in the rain. A version of yourself that exhales and rests in the space between the breath.

The most beautiful part about this destination is that you will arrive there with the awareness that this triumphant version of yourself is a momentous step on your path to true freedom.

This awareness and this freedom do not come easy. ‘The Way’ has its lessons for us.

There will be moments when you don’t want to go on, when the mere thought of mustering the energy to take another step feels insurmountable. In those moments, we are there for you; supporting you, encouraging you, accepting you exactly as you are, with the right medicine for you to rise up and move on.

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How do we uplevel this 1,000 year old pilgrimage?

This 10 Day Transformational Journey will offer:

Spoiler alert, many of the roads on this difficult path are stunningly beautiful: footpaths through pristine forest, cobblestone streets in quaint centuries old villages, picturesque landscapes of rolling foothills, family vineyards dotting the countryside.

This is an invitation to say YES to adventure.
Unplug from the matrix of daily life and sink into deeper connection with yourself, with others, and with Nature.

With Love and Excitement,
~ Randy & Kasia


Camino Portugues (The Portuguese Way).

We meet in Ponte de Lima, a charming small town that is the oldest village in Portugal.
We walk approx. 160 km (100 miles) to Santiago de Compostela, Spain during 8 walking days.

Group size limited to only  12 Pilgrims to achieve optimal balance of personalization and attention in the practices and the power of peer support and group coherence on the journey.


1.800 EUR 

Reserve your spot with 500 EUR.

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