The Adventure of Relationship

Authentic Relating Retreat


Coming In Fall 2020

Have you ever thought about how it would be if you could reveal and communicate anything, ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING to your partner?

What would it be like to welcome yourself and be welcomed in your relationship with all your fears, desires, concerns, boundaries… your light and your darkness, all of you, in sync ?

Can you Honor Self and Other in situations of conflict, when your whole body disagrees with your loved one? Are you willing to prioritize connection over being right? 

If reading this you feel a spark of aliveness in your body that may be an indicator that you are a perfect fit for this weekend retreat.

This is an invitation to not only put down the mask of being who you think the other person wants you to be in each moment, but also, to learn how it is to be with exactly who you already are; accepting and loving that person.

>>> Cultivate this with a new spark or with your life partner! 

Give yourself and your partner a gift of PRESENCE; it’s the greatest gift you can give! Dedicate a weekend to nurture connection with your LOVE and ATTENTION while being immersed in nature together.

The Adventure of Relationship, is a couples retreat, set in the beautiful scenery of Doe Bay on Orcas Island, that has been designed to help BRAVE souls who are in intimate relationship, NAVIGATE that adventure with more AWARENESS and CHOICE.

We will embark on a journey through the 5 Practices of Authentic Relating and experience how they show up in your relationship and in your body in real-time.

We will also take time to nourish ourselves and explore some wonders of nature on this majestic island.

This weekend retreat will offer you:

This is an invitation to deepen the richness of your relationship and co-create a roadmap to live the adventure together in whatever way you choose.

Authentic Relating is the universal language of human connection and the 5 Practices provide a framework to navigate the breadth and depth of experience that arise in intentional partnership:

fear of rejection/failure,

triggering of core wounds,

the exposing of destructive patterns,

feelings of not enough,

sometimes the even scarier feeling of unconditional acceptance,

sexual fantasy and stagnation,

….. and whatever else you have locked away and built walls around.

Want a small taste of what the weekend is going to be like?

Attend one of our Authentic (Relating) Date Nights in Seattle:

Date Nights are held every other week.
Please see our Guided by the Heart Facebook Page for the next event.

To participate, get in touch with Kasia or Randy DesRocher. 


Humans in any form or structure of Intentional Relationship regardless of gender, orientation, ethnicity, race, ability, background or identity. LGBTQ+and Polyamorous Relationships are welcome here!

Partners that wish to be REAL with each other and bring wholeness into your relationship, whether this is a new spark or you have been playing on the path of life together for years.

Partners who would like to level-up their communication patterns, evoke passion and bring more compassion and empathy into your relationship… even in the middle of conflict.

People involved in Authentic Relating and/or conscious personal development work for a while and want practical strategies to deepen your practice within your intimate relationship.

Anyone with a desire to explore your edges and bring more authenticity to your life and your relationships



Start 5:00 PM on Friday, closing circle 3:00 – 4:00 PM Sunday

The adventure of Relationship: Authentic Relating Retreat  

Doe Bay, Orcas Island, WA

Group size is limited to achieve optimal balance of personalization and attention in the practices and the power of peer support and group coherence during the retreat.

Energy Exchange:

$300 each person, Early Bird Rate.

$350 each person after Early Bird date. 

*Payment plans available

What's Included:

* Customized coursework led by 3 heart-centered practitioners living these practices: Kasia DesRocher, Randy DesRocher, and Sheri Hauser.

* Access to the delights of Doe Bay Resort, 

* Guided nature experiences with mindfulness practices

* Welcome dinner (your Saturday meals are up to you, breaks will be provided)

* Snacks, tea, coffee and water through the weekend

* Discovery call (if desired) prior to your booking (30 min)

* Integration gathering after the retreat (90 min)

* Amazing humans to adventure with!

We invite you to savor the sweetness of this dance.

With Love & Gratitude

Randy, Kasia & Sheri


Doe Bay Resort sits on 38 acres of the most beautiful pristine waterfront land in the San Juan Islands. This place is magic and hosts life-changing retreats, and transformational celebrations year round.


Visit to browse options.

We have a variety of accommodations set aside exclusively for participants of this retreat that won’t show up on Doe Bay’s website. This ranges from waterfront camping to luxury cabins.

Once you confirm your registration, we will send you the list of available sites and instructions on how to book it (there is a special code involved).

 One of the most glorious features of this venue is their soaking tubs and sauna that features three outdoor tubs, a dry sauna and outdoor showers, all clothing optional. Open daily from 8am – 10pm.


We will share a Welcome Dinner on Friday evening and serve snacks and tea throughout the weekend. The rest of the meal times will be opportunities for you and your partner to nourish yourselves and have quality time. 

To get a peek at the delectable seasonal menu that features farm to table local ingredients, visit their site:


Doe Bay Resort & Retreat, located on beautiful Orcas Island in Washington State is accessible by ferry from Anacortes off I-5 at Exit 230.

There is a bus service to Mt Vernon with transfers directly to the ferry terminal, and there is also Kenmore Air that provides flights via their unique seaplane fleet. More information on transportation can be found here:


Friday September 20th has departing ferries at 12:35pm (arrives 1:45pm) and 3:45pm (arrives 4:50pm). Anything later would miss welcome orientation.

 Leaving Orcas Island on Sunday September 22nd, there’s a 5:15 (arrives in Anacortes at 6:20pm) and 8:50pm (arrives 9:40pm).

about your facilitators:

Randy and Kasia DesRocher are on a mission to weave connection into the fabric of daily life for millions of people around the world.

Randy is a Certified Coach by HeartMath Institute and an experienced facilitator of Authentic Relating, leading workshops on multiple continents over the past few years. With a blend of playful curiosity and grounded presence, he guides you to the present moment, where insights arise and obstacles dissipate.

Kasia has trained extensively in Authentic Relating, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution and coaching methodologies. Her gift for listening to the body’s intelligence is invaluable for our work with couples and individuals.

As a couple, they have been offering AR trainings for others in relationship, around the globe, since December 2018.

Sheri Hauser has a passion for creating meaningful experiences that deepen connection with others. In her personal and professional life, she’s been doing this for decades and more recently has become one of only seventy-five Authentic Relating Training, level 3 leadership graduates in the world (along with Randy and Kasia).

Sheri lives and works in Seattle as an entrepreneur, coach, business strategist, community builder, speaker and event producer for Love Church #notachurch.

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